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Jesus said, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted", Matthew 5:5, King James Version (Cambridge Edition)

About Our Ministry

Naomi’s Ministry is Christian blog designed to provide encouragement, strength and prayer to individuals who are experiencing loss, grief and recovering from traumatic experiences.

This blog site is to encourage, pray and support persons experiencing a wide range of losses that anyone of us may experience in our lifetime. The parting of a special loved one by death; divorce; the loss of job and financial security; the loss of limb(s) or debilitating illness or disease; the loss of a home or opportunity, are all "losses" and at varying degrees, may catapult you into a grieving cycle or traumatic event. However, we may not be on the road to recovery, if the right resources are not available to give us perspective on our feelings and the changes that happens in one’s life when a loss of any kind occurs. We need courage to grieve and to wait before God for the healing that comes, sometimes, one day at a time.

This is "first" a ministry of encouragement:

Know that what you are going through is normal for anyone who has experienced what you have experienced. Knowing how to go through the process, recognizing when you are grieving and seeking the help you may need will aid in the recovery process.

Know that it is okay that you are hurting. No explanations are needed. Admitting that is a first step toward your recovery. Recovery does not mean that you will forget the one or object of your loss. This also does not mean you will not forget the trauma of your victimization. Emotional healing will allow you to live authentically, freely, victoriously in spite of the event. God wants you to have His Victory through His Son, Jesus Christ who won it on the Cross of Calvary for you and I.

Know that you are not alone. Jesus Christ promised never to leave us or forsake us (The book of Hebrews, chapter 13, verse 5). This promise found in the Holy Scriptures is a promise from the Lord Himself that He is always with us, even during our darkest nights. Jesus also said, “I will not leave you comfortless” (The book of the Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 18).

Know that “The Comforter will come” (The book of the Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 7). The Comforter that Jesus Christ is referencing is God the Holy Spirit, (part of the triune Godhead). As you call out to God in faith during this time of tremendous emotional and sometimes physical pain, the Lord will send His Spirit to minister to your mind, body, soul and spirit. He alone can heal the hurts of loss, grief and trauma. The Holy Spirit will wipe away "your tears". Jesus "is willing" to heal you if you but ask and trust Him in the process of recovery.

Know one day you will be able to smile again. The sun will shine in your heart again. You will laugh again. You will have more good days to come. The Lord knows the thoughts and plans he has for us (Jeremiah 29:11), even if you cannot see it in the midst of this defining moment. If you will trust the Lord’s plans for you, you will come through this season, whole and able to continue on in your life’s journey.

Search out a safe and Word-filled church home or fellowship, counselor/support group. God’s Word is the answer. Read Psalms 34, 41, 42, 91, 103, 107, 112, 119, 121, 123, 140, 145. Depending on our needs, we may also need some assistance beyond what a blog, book or cards offer. Professional help is available. Pray and ask the Lord to direct you to a place of healing and confidentiality. Check out the resources at your church or another Christ-centered congregation. Please do not grieve alone.

The time for recovery is NOW. Just like you would go to the hospital’s emergency room if you were physically in need of medical treatment, so during high levels of emotional crisis, you should not wait to seek help or assistance. DON’T WAIT TO GET HELP. This is the time to admit that you are hurting and it is okay.

Keep talking to God the Father, the Father of ALL Comfort. He knows your grief and the journey ahead. Also believe that He loves you even when you are sad. This ministry is reaching out to you with Jesus' love. We are praying for your total healing and recovery.

If you are interested in receiving prayer, please write me at: jesusislord14@outlook.com. Please do not request money - request prayer.

God loves you. We are praying you will feel His love and comfort every time you reach out to read the messages.

Jesus THE SON OF GOD is Lord!


Sister Birdsong

Sunday, February 27, 2011

God is with you in the storm..

Losses and storms are alot alike. They both come at unexpected and inconvenient times.

The other day, I was cleaning up in my bedroom and washing clothes. I had to leave my apartment to go to the wash area and it was unusually warm, with spurts of sunshine.

After a while, a terrible downpour of rain came down from the sky. It happened so quickly it startled me.

Very unexpected.

I had to take some garbage out and when I looked up at the sky, I saw a mass of gray storm clouds passing by...and incredibly, right next to the gray was a velvety blue and white sky. I marveled that in the same panoramic view, I saw light and dark; clear sky and storm sky, all at the same time.

I said to myself or maybe to the Lord, "that is exactly what life is...rainy and sunny days all at the same time". My perspective was changing. I am usually a "black and white" kind of girl. But not anymore. Too much loss and trauma is curing me from these absolutes. It is also helping to heal my image of God. The same God that died for me and loves me dearly, does allow some rain, some terrible storms to come into my life.

This paradox or so it may appear to be, is not unusual. God is always working good out of evil. This is His specialty. While you may be crying about some hurt, God will send laughter to you through a funny movie or a phone call or a funny memory about something that made you chuckle.

And it tells me that God is with me...even in the storms of my life. That's why I love Him more and more these days. I have gone through many losses....the older I get, more people that I love and know are going away. Jobs and job duties are going away and changing. I'm changing...that girlish figure I had for so many years is very rounded now. Loss. Storms. And God.

He is with us even in the varied changes of life. Believe in that today. Will you?

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